Black Hills Health & Education Center
– Christian Health Retreat

A unique, life-changing Christian health retreat center on 265 acres nestled in a serene canyon of the Black Hills of South Dakota.

We at Black Hills Health & Education Center believe that a healthy balance of the physical, mental and spiritual components in each person’s life are key to living an ongoing whole and healthy lifestyle – the way we were created. Our approach to whole health combines alternative medical treatments, counseling, a plant-based diet, plenty of rest and exercise.

We have a professional and dedicated Christian staff to help you overcome the health challenges you are facing. We also offer a variety of programs ranging from weight management and wellness to health education and organic agricultural training. We invite you to tour our website and learn about our health philosophy, educational programs and Battle Creek Gardens.

Whether you are contending with diabetes, high blood pressure, addiction, depression, weight management or one of many other health issues, our Christian health retreat center is here to help you overcome and conquer. Whatever your reason for being here, we offer personal attention to you – Your success is our main interest!

Read about other’s success stories at Black Hills Health & Education Center. And contact us today to learn more about how natural health habits can revolutionize your life.

Conditions that can be improved or completely eliminated:

Heart Disease                      Diabetes                           High Blood Pressure             High Cholesterol

High Triglycerides              Cancer                               Obesity                                  Depression/Anxiety

Multiple Sclerosis               Chronic Pain                     Arthritis                                  Headaches/Migraines

Chronic Fatigue                  Digestive Problems           Autoimmune Disorders          Muscle Injuries

Weight gain                        Alcohol Addiction             Excess Stress                          Drug Addiction

Tobacco Addiction             Caffeine Addiction            Sleep Problems                       Overmedication

Spiritual Cloudiness           Lyme’s Disease                 Multiple Sclerosis