Black Hills Health and Education Center

My Lifestyle Haven sets itself apart from many other wellness centers by focusing on the “whole-person” approach to healthcare. We are driven by patient-centric, integrated approach to prevention, wellness and recovery.

My Lifestyle Haven provides our guests with:

  • Christian, residential wellness center

  • Medically supervised lifestyle intervention programs

  • Nutritious and delicious plant-based cuisine

  • Personalized fitness training, counseling and therapy sessions

  • Beautiful and secluded environment in the Black Hills

While diabetes, obesity, substance abuse and stress are continuing to circumvent quality lifestyles for many people, breakthroughs in prevention and intervention programs are showing encouraging results in remedying these conditions. The professional staff at My Lifestyle Haven understands that whole-person care, which integrates the physical, spiritual and mental components of each person, is the most effective and non-evasive approach towards the sustaining of healthy, quality lifestyle.

The theological/philosophical foundation for whole person care is rooted in the very nature of creation and humanity. This is why we encourage our guests to practice the principles of CREATION, the essence for good health and wholesome lifestyle.

Choice – Good lifestyle choices are prerequisite toward good health. Making the right choices is inspired by your desire to change.

Rest – Daily Resting rejuvenates your body and mind, regulates your mood, and is linked to learning and memory function. Weekly Resting (Sabbath Rest) rejuvenates the spirit.

Environment – Humans continuously interface with the environment and these daily interactions affect quality of life, longevity, and health disparities.

Activity – Exercise help protect you from heart disease and stroke, high blood pressure, obesity, back pain, osteoporosis, and help you to better manage stress.

Trust –Certitude gives life a meaning. Scientific research supports the importance of balance between physical health, mental health and faith in God.

Inspire– Who you are is entirely up to you. Only you can, with God’s help, drop bad habits and adapt good habits. It takes you and God working together, to make yourself well and keep yourself inspired to sustain a quality lifestyle.

Outlook – Research show that our outlook on life— our unique patterns of thinking and feeling about ourselves, others, and the world—may be the key to how well and how fast we age.

Nutrition –The convergence of evidence suggests that an affordable plant-based diet can help prevent and even reverse many of the top killers in the Western world.

Total health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit and that’s precisely what we provide our guests at My Lifestyle Haven. In fact, our philosophy dictates that each and every graduating guest becomes a member of our family. Your eternal wellness is our life’s calling.