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Only As Good As the Source


Any mental health coaching or counseling modality can only be as healing and restorative as its source of authority for determining healthy thinking and behavior, the standard of morality upon which it is based. The world is full of individuals who are struggling with anxiety, discouragement, hopelessness, depression, anger, broken relationships, and challenges of everyday living.


The Biblical Response Therapy ® (BRT), Training Seminar offered through Black Hills Health Center is intended to provide an unadulterated, Christ-centered, Biblical understanding of God’s way of healing the heart of the mind and the basic Scriptural tools necessary to become more effectual in helping hurting people find, through Christ and His word, a victorious experience of mental and spiritual restoration that will last for eternity.


Desiring to increase your understanding and abilities to cooperate with God’s work of healing and restoration found in Isaiah 61:1-3? Consider attending the next Biblical Response Therapy ® Training Seminar to be held at the Black Hills Health Center.


The insightful seminar is intended to guide participants through God’s word into a more victorious healing experience with Jesus Christ that will empower them to be more effective in helping others find hope and healing from fear, depression, anger, and the host of challenges stemming from life in the 21st century.


For those who may be unable to attend a training seminar, the Biblical Response Therapy® Training Manual and DVDs are also available through BHHEC.


If you would be interested in attending a BRT training or purchasing the training course, contact 605.255.4101 for information.

Biblical Response Therapy


Here are the highlights:

Are you desiring a more peace-filled experience?  Are you interested in having a more practical understanding of the victorious life of healing and restoration that Christ offers?   Are you wanting to be a greater blessing and encouragement to the people you love?  God’s word can become a healing, life-changing tool in your hands.  This is a special invitation to attend the next Biblical Response Therapy® Training Workshop at the Black Hills Health & Education Center campus.


Contact 605.255.4101 or info@bhhec.org for workshop information.


Would You Like to Host a BRT Workshop in your area? Contact us for details.