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Instead of using medications to treat the symptoms of various conditions, Black Hill Wellness Center places focus on each guest to get to the root of their health challenges. Although guests attending the full 18-day Medical Program have serious health concerns, this program offers each participant a restful, stress-free stay that has been tailored with their personal needs in mind.


Through physical assessment and down-to-earth wellness education, participants learn to identify less-desirable lifestyle traits and to make positive changes. This environment is the perfect place for addressing your concerns.


Medical Program Highlights

  *   Airport transport is provided, (when applicable)

  *   Comfortable private room with a private bath

  *   Nutritious, delicious plant-based meals

  *   Initial evaluation visit with our doctor and consults during the program

  *   Comprehensive lab work

  *   Cooking class instruction is given in preparing plant based meals. Personal time with our cooking

           instructors is available on an ‘as needed’ basis

  *   Massage and hydrotherapy treatments each week. Various treatments may include infrared sauna,

           Russian steam bath, whirlpool, contrast shower, hot & cold packs to specific areas, contrast foot


  *   A personalized exercise routine will be structured just for you and daily time with the Fitness

           Trainer will assure your progress and safety. A home exercise routine will be planned before

           you go home

  *   Pool exercise aerobics, (off site)

  *   Mental/Spiritual Health Coaching: Private time with our health coach(s) is available as needed

  *   A wide variety of lecture topics will be presented that may include: wellness, nutrition, stress

           management, exercise, mental & spiritual health, and the use of natural remedies at home

  *   Weekend Outings: See the amazing Mount Rushmore National Monument, Crazy Horse

           Monument, Custer Wild Animal Game Preserve, and Sylvan Lake


Whether it is a morning walk, a session with your personal fitness trainer, a tasty meal, a relaxing massage, a stimulating lecture, or an insightful session with the health coaches, you will experience greater clarity, increased energy and a calm that you may not have had for a long time.


Would a Companion be accompanying you during your program? Here is what is available to your Companion during their stay.


Contact our Guest Services at 605.255.4101 for the Full Medical Program dates and cost.



Full Medical Application

Here Is What You Can Expect

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Full Medical Program