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Gospel Health Training

We, here at the Black Hills Health and Education Center, are opening a new training program, Gospel Health Training, this fall. This program is designed to train people who have been called to enter the ministry as a missionary or a Bible worker. This training will also be great for someone who is looking to minister to their home church and community, as well. Most training centers emphasize either evangelism or health training, but we are going to focus on both. By teaching the gospel message of the soon coming of Christ and right arm of the gospel, the health message, our students will be well-rounded servants of God. The curriculum will cover a variety of topics such as: Bible study, prophecy, evangelism, lifestyle health, nutrition, herbs, hydrotherapy and many others. We will also have bonus classes in which we will study several topics that will help students personally, like gardening, stewardship, the Christian home, and more!


The projected start and finish dates for the course are September 1st through November 20th. The tuition cost, which will also include room and meals Monday through Friday, will be $4,500.


We are very excited to start training missionaries who will spread the love of God around the world, and we hope that you will join us!


If you would like more information or would like to receive updates, please email: adam.stacey@bhhec.org


Or call us at (605) 255-4101





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