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Biblical Response Therapy® originated from a powerful dilemma that Dan Gabbert experienced while in church pastoral ministry. The Bible is clear that we are three-dimensional beings, (mental, spiritual, and physical), and God wants us to prosper and be in health in all three dimensions. 3 John 2; 1 Thessalonians 5:23,24. Dan was seeing special mental and spiritual needs among the church members in his districts that he felt ill-equipped to handle. There were struggles with depression, fear, anger, and other threatening life situations. Some of those church members were trying to do the best they could to maintain with God’s help alone. But others were turning to secular mental health practices, laced with fallen man’s philosophies, for guidance and help. Colossians 2:8,9.


With the knowledge and understanding Pastor Dan had at the time, he felt extremely limited in his ability to minister to these hurting individuals. (You may be wrestling with a similar dilemma). However, Dan also recognized that if the Most High created mankind, He certainly should know how to fix any problems people may encounter in life. Because of that great unmet need in Dan’s ministry, and not willing to trust the approaches secular counseling and psychology were offering, Dan began a diligent search of the Scriptures for answers.


This journey ultimately led him to an opportunity at the Black Hills Health and Education Center to practice what God was teaching him. For the past ten years, working with hundreds of wellness guests carrying an immense variety of life histories, Dan and his wife Patsy have had the incredible privilege of developing a coaching/counseling approach called Biblical Response Therapy® that is based strictly upon the principles of God’s word and validated by scientific research.


You may be actively involved in a caring vocation or ministry, but still seeking to improve your effectiveness in helping the precious individuals who have sought your aid. Perhaps you are considering attending college to study counseling or psychology. Or maybe you are a faithful member of your church who is desiring to be more helpful to people around you who are struggling with life’s challenges. Whoever you are, young or old, the longing may be stirring your heart to be more effective in helping hurting and lonely people find hope and healing in this world of pain and turmoil. Precious friend, God’s word can become a healing, life-changing tool in your hands! Biblical Response Therapy® is intended to provide an unadulterated, Christ-centered, Biblical understanding of God’s way of healing the heart of the mind and the basic Scriptural tools necessary to become more effectual in helping hurting people find, through Christ and His word, a victorious experience of mental and spiritual restoration that will last for eternity.


If Biblical Response Therapy® strikes a chord of desire in your heart to become more effective and Christ-like in your vocation, ministry, and/or personal life, consider attending the next Biblical Response Therapy® Training Workshop here at the Black Hills Health and Education Center. See the BIBLICAL RESPONSE THERAPY section of this website for seminar dates and costs.


Though we presently dwell on a sin-cursed planet, through a healing application of His word, our loving Father in heaven has provided mankind a profound and powerful plan for healing, not only the body, but also the heart of the mind, so that we may experience limitless amounts of peace, joy, love, self-control, contentment, and rest, even in the midst of troubling circumstances!


Dan is available to conduct a Biblical Response Therapy® training workshop in your area. He can be contacted by calling BHHEC at 1-605-255-4101, x-21, or by e-mail – dan.g@bhhec.org. The Biblical Response Therapy® Training Manual is available through the BHHEC Bookstore (phone – 605-255-4101).


Courage! Psalms 107:20; John 16:33.


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